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link between mental illness and cardiovascular disease risk

Is there a link between mental illness and cardiovascular disease risk?

A large study on over one million participants of military veterans finds an association between mental illnesses and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. A...
menopause and cardiovascular disease risk factors

Physical activity reduces risk of cardiovascular disease in menopausal women

The results of a recent study suggest that leisure-time physical activity is associated with a healthier lipid blood profile in women transitioning to menopause. Cardiovascular...
statins for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Should you be taking statins for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease?

A new study suggests that statins are vastly underused in the prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Today’s celebrity media cycles follow a distinctive pattern. Fresh-faced...
smoking and cardiovascular disease

The link between smoking and cardiovascular disease subtypes

The link between smoking and cardiovascular disease is well known, but how much more likely is a smoker to suffer from various subtypes of...
new treatment for cardiovascular disease

A modified protein that could be a new treatment for cardiovascular disease

Abdominal aortic aneurysms kill thousands of people every year. A research team has developed and tested a new drug that could potentially treat this...
type 2 diabetes drugs

Do type 2 diabetes drugs contribute to cardiovascular diseases?

Diabetic patients are prone to cardiovascular problems. A recent study published in JAMA Network Open investigated the cardiovascular effects of type 2 diabetes drugs. Diabetes...
pregnancy loss

Does pregnancy loss increase the risk for cardiovascular disease?

In a study published in the Journal of Woman’s Health, researchers investigated the effects of pregnancy loss and its impact on cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease,...
heavy metal pollution

Could heavy metal pollution increase the risk of cardiovascular disease?

A recent systematic review investigated the potential association between exposure to heavy metal pollution and cardiovascular disease risk. In recent years, environmental heavy metal pollution...

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