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depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety may be as dangerous as obesity or smoking

A recent study examined how strongly anxiety and depression predict physical illnesses, compared to obesity and smoking. Preventative efforts in primary care often focus on...
cannabis use

Are depression or anxiety associated with cannabis use in teens?

A recent study in Addicted Behaviours determined whether mental health issues are associated with cannabis use by teenagers in Canada. Nearly one in four Canadian...
anxiety treatment

Could a drug for blood pressure also be used for anxiety treatment?

New research provides evidence that amiloride, a blood pressure medication, could also be used for anxiety treatment. Experiences in early life can shape a person’s...
anxiety during pregnancy

Is anxiety during pregnancy associated with ADHD in children?

British and Canadian researchers recently investigated the possible associations between fetal exposure to maternal anxiety during pregnancy and outcomes of attentional deficits. The concept of...

Midlife anxiety diagnosis may be a risk factor for dementia

Published in BMJ Open, researchers discuss how anxiety as a predictor of cognitive deterioration in adults may be an independent risk factor dementia. Dementia is...
child anxiety

How effective are mobile apps for child anxiety?

Child anxiety is increasingly common and difficult to treat. Researchers recently evaluated the quality of popular apps available for child anxiety and whether they...
test anxiety

Can Expressive Writing Protect Against Test Anxiety?

A recent study in China examines whether expressive writing can be used to treat moderate to severe test anxiety. Who doesn’t feel nervous before a...
floatation therapy

Can Floatation Therapy Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression?

Researchers in the United States investigate whether floatation therapy can reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression in a clinical sample. Floatation therapy was invented...

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