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Are Endurance Exercises a Possible Solution for Type 2 Diabetes?

endurance exercises

A recent study conducted in Iran examines the relationship between endurance exercises and type 2 diabetes in overweight women…[read more]. 



The Impact of HPV Vaccination: Insights from an Italian Study

HPV VaccinationGardasil manufactured by Merck and Cervarix manufactured by Glaxo are the two vaccines currently available for preventing the transmission and infection of specific strains of HPV. While data on the efficacy of these vaccines in preventing HPV infection are available, data on HPV-associated disease impact and HPV vaccination impact on morbidity and mortality in Italian women was lacking…[read more].

The Environmental Factors of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

inflammatory bowel diseasesCertain lifestyles, such as smoking, a diet rich in saturated fatty acids and red meat, exposure to air pollution, and the use of antibiotics in early life, may decrease the diversity of microorganisms that colonize the gastrointestinal tract. This decrease in microbe diversity is strongly linked to the development of IBD…[read more].

What is the Best Diet for Weight Loss for Those at Risk of Diabetes?

diet for weight lossA clinical trial was conducted called The Diabetes Prevention Program. This program looked at all aspects of diabetes as it randomly assigned patients at risk of diabetes to a placebo, metformin (a drug commonly prescribed for diabetes), or intensive lifestyle intervention group. The lifestyle intervention group looked at the physical activity and the diet of the recruited diabetic patients…[read more].

New Treatment for HIV: Powerful and Affordable

treatment for HIVThe introduction of a new treatment for HIV means that for $75, South Africa and Kenya governments will be able to treat an HIV-infected individual for one year with a single daily pill…[read more].

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