Eating out for people with gluten intolerance has been made simple, with the help of a gluten testing device.


For many people with gluten intolerance, eating out can be stressful. Not knowing whether to trust food labels or descriptions can be worrying, especially for those who can have serious reactions.

A team at MIT have developed a breakthrough technology to allow people with gluten allergies confidence in their food choices. 6SensorLabs have developed a pocket sized, simple, and fast device to use for detecting the presence of gluten in food. The device, called Nima, is a portable sensor that chemically tests both liquids and solids for the presence of gluten in about two minutes.

To use Nima, you simply place a sample of your meal into one of the test pods and insert it into the device. After approximately 2 minutes, the display screen will show a smile emoticon, signifying that the levels of gluten are below the recommended FDA standard for gluten free. If the food does contain gluten, a frown emoticon will appear on the display.

Nima is paired with an app that allows you to track and share data, in addition to an online community of people who are also using Nima to track gluten in their food.



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Written by Deborah Tallarigo, PhD


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