natural allergy relief

natural allergy relief

Natural allergy relief demonstrated using RhinixTM nasal filters to prevent allergy symptoms during grass and pollen season.


As allergy season is upon us, many sufferers are looking for new, natural allergy relief options. Researchers from the Aarhus University in Denmark have assessed the effectiveness of RhinixTM nasal filters, at preventing seasonal allergy symptoms.

The RhinixTM nasal filter, is a small filter designed to fit inside the nose. It has a membrane that filters out allergens from the air, preventing them from being inhaled and triggering allergy symptoms.

The study took place during the major grass and pollen season in Denmark, in order to test the effectiveness of the nasal filters, during the time of year when allergy sufferers would usually have the most symptoms.

The researchers used a ‘total nasal score’ to assess allergy symptoms. This score included symptoms of blocked nose, runny nose, itchy nose, and sneezing.

The study reported a significant reduction in daily total nasal score when participants used the nasal filters, compared with those who did not. The nasal filters resulted in up to 43% reduction in total nasal score, an 83% reduction in sneezing, and 53% reduction in runny nose.

The nasal filters provided a safe and natural allergy relief option, significantly preventing allergic symptoms in the group of study participants.



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Written by Deborah Tallarigo, PhD

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