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Rumour: Deep brain stimulation can treat multiple sclerosis tremors.

Truth: This is true. Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disorder affecting the myelin of neurons. When demyelination occurs, multiple sclerosis is often diagnosed. Many individuals that live with multiple sclerosis experience arm tremors that depreciate one’s quality of life. Studies have shown that 10% of multiple sclerosis patients have become incapacitated by their tremors. Deep brain stimulation has been a treatment for disease-related tremors.

In Lancet Neurology, researchers determined whether deep brain stimulation could mitigate disease-related tremors. A total of 12 participants completed the Tolosa-Fahn-Marin Tremor Rating Scale at baseline and then three months after. Researchers found that deep brain stimulation of the thalamic nuclei managed multiple sclerosis-related tremors.

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