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Microneedling to Treat Melasma

Melasma is the brown, uneven pigmentation that sometimes occurs on the skin – typically seen in women, particularly as they age.

Melasma is typically seen on the face, but can also occur on the neck and arms. Although this condition does not usually require treatment, there are some options available – such as topical treatments like corticosteroids or tretinoin, which can help to lighten the colour of the Melasma.

Although there are several treatment options available to treat melasma, controlling this condition can be a significant challenge. Topical treatments are sometimes used to treat melasma, which aims to lighten these dark spots, however, this is often not effective. 

Study looks at microneedling to treat Melasma

A study that included women who had melasma that did not respond to skin lightening treatments, who subsequently had microneedling done to treat their melasma. The microneedling was conducted without any topical medication for the melasma. Following the microneedling treatment, the patients applied a topical ‘depigmentation formula’ in addition to an SPF60 sunscreen. 

The study reported that all of the patients were satisfied with the results of the microneedling treatment for their melasma. Many patients reported feeling no pain, and all patients were able to resume normal daily activity right after the procedure. 

The study found that the microneedling resulted in ‘substantial lightening’ of the melasma in the patients assessed in this study.

According to the authors of the study, the exact reasons why this treatment may be successful are still not well understood, and larger clinical studies are necessary to determine exactly how microneedling acts to treat melasma. However, the study concludes that “the evaluated group showed promising results”. 

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Image by BELEN LOPEZ from Pixabay 


Lima E. (2015). Microneedling in facial recalcitrant melasma: report of a series of 22 cases. Anais brasileiros de dermatologia90(6), 919–921.



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