LuminetteTM is a new wearable device, developed for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or other circadian rhythm issues.


As winter approaches, many people are dreading the ‘winter blues’, however for some people, this is a more serious condition. Seasonal affective disorder is a condition associated with depression during the winter months, thought to be due the reduced hours of sunlight.

A company in Belgium, Lucimed, has developed a new solution for the winter blues. Luminette is a light therapy device that has been tested in clinical trials for treatment of seasonal affective disorder, sleep disorders, and circadian rhythm adjustment for jet lag and shift work. Luminette has been designed to be worn on the face like a pair of glasses during daily activities. Only 20 minutes per day of therapy with Luminette is enough to see results. In addition, a Luminette app is available to be used in tandem with the glasses.

The Luminette glasses work via a blue-enriched white light that stimulates the retina, while not affecting vision. By simulating sunlight shining down on the eyes, the receptors in the eye respond by signaling to the body’s internal clock, reducing melatonin secretion. The result is a more ‘awake’ state within the body.

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Written by Deborah Tallarigo, PhD

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