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Joke of the Day – April 20

An ex-Chinese physician could not find a job after immigrating to Canada since he did not pass the licensing exam. He decided to open a private traditional Chinese medicine clinic with a sign at the front entrance that reads:“GET CURED OF ANYTHING FOR $20! GET $100 IF WE FAIL”. A university student was passing by and decided that this was a good opportunity to make $100, so he decided to give it a try.

 University student: I lost my taste

Chinese doctor: Assistant, please bring the remedy from box #5 and place 3 drops on the patient’s tongue

University student: Why would you put gasoline on my tongue?!?

Chinese doctor: Congratulations! Your taste has recovered! Please pay $20.


The unhappy student paid the amount, but returned two days later to try again


University student: I lost my memory. I cannot recall anything

Chinese doctor: Assistant, please bring a remedy from box #5 and place 3 drops on the patient’s tongue

University student: But this is gasoline! You did this to me the last time!

Chinese doctor: Congratulations! Your memory is back! Please pay $20.


The now angry student paid the amount, but returned a week later to try again for the $100.


University Student: My vision is very poor, I cannot see anything!

Chinese doctor: Unfortunately, I do not have any remedy for that. Please take $100.

University Student, looking carefully at the bill: But this is a $20 dollar bill, not $100.

Chinese doctor: Congratulations! Your vision is back! Please pay $20!



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