Nora smart snoring solution

Nora is a non-invasive, inflatable pillow insert that moves your head to interrupt your snoring without waking you from sleep


Uncomfortable specialty pillows. Dental sleep devices. Nose strips. Earplugs. These are the popular items that many snorers and their sleeping partners have tried to use to reduce snoring so they can get a good night’s sleep. In an attempt to solve this common problem, an entrepreneurial team based at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada, have created the world’s first smart snoring solution called Nora.

Nora is a lifestyle device comprised of an inflatable insert that fits into any pillow, a small bedside sensor, and a mini-pump that powers the insert located a portable case that goes under the bed. The insert stretches across the length of the pillow and inflates uniformly so it will allow the user to sleep in any position.

Snoring is caused by the vibration of narrowed airways when we breathe while sleeping, and this narrowing is due to the relaxation of upper throat muscles. Nora’s bedside sensor, with adjustable sensitivity, detects snoring and gently moves the user’s head by inflating or deflating the pillow insert to stimulate throat muscles and move airways back into a normal position, relieving snoring. This gentle movement is silent and won’t wake the user.

The Nora team is currently working on a companion smartphone app that will allow the user to receive overnight audio recordings and track the effect Nora has on their snoring patterns. At present, Nora has received positive reviews from beta users and the team has exceeded their fundraising goal by 200% on their kickstarter campaign. Early adopters who are interested in Nora can support the campaign and hopefully receive their own smart snoring solution by May 2016.




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Written by Fiona Wong, PhD




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