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How To Choose The Best Living Arrangement For Your Senior Loved Ones

Choosing the best living arrangement for your elderly can be an overwhelming process.

There are a lot of factors involved, and emotions can get in the way. But ultimately, you’ll have to set aside your feelings, take your time, and make hard decisions.

Remember, your choices will determine how comfortable your senior loved ones will be. 

Senior citizens have several living arrangement options, the foremost of which are nursing homes, aging in place, assisted living facilities, and independent living.

Again, you must take your time to carefully examine each option and see whether it suits your loved one’s needs.

Here are useful tips for selecting the best living arrangement for seniors. 

1. Consider The Location And Accessibility 

The location must be the first thing you consider when you want to find a village for your aging parents.

An ideal living arrangement should be near medical facilities and amenities such as shopping stores and fitness centers. 

If you opt for the assisted living facility, it needs to be a 40-minute drive away from you.

This makes it easy to plan your schedule and visit your senior loved one more often.

And considering that emergencies can arise anytime, proximity is vital. Below are the other questions regarding the location: 

  • Is there traffic during the holidays? 
  • What’s the neighborhood’s safety like? 
  • How near is the doctor or hospital? 

When choosing the ideal location, you must consider both the needs of your elderly loved one and yours.

2. Consider Your Budget 

Cost is another crucial factor a retirement guide will want you to consider during your deliberation.

In any type of arrangement, costs will always be involved. They can vary, too, depending mostly on the level of assistance needed.

Therefore, you need to have a clear idea of how much each option can cost you to avoid financially overstretching yourself. 

Finding a suitable living arrangement starts with some financial planning. After that, carefully examine the services each option offers and whether they can meet your parents’ needs.

This will help you choose an option that provides you with the greatest value without suffering financial constraints later. 

3. Know The Needs Of Your Elderly Parent 

The level of assistance they need can vary, so you need to list down all their needs and capabilities.

Here’s a breakdown of the different living arrangements and how they can meet the needs of your loved one: 

Assisted Living 

This living arrangement is perfect if your elderly parent requires a caregiver to assist them with daily tasks, such as walking, bathing, exercising, or dressing.

It’s an excellent option if your parents prefer to spend time with other people in their age bracket.

Other benefits of residing in an assisted living community include the following: 

  • Regular family events 
  • Wellness perks, particularly physician visits, therapy services, and group exercise programs
  • Social dining room

Independent Living Community 

It’s a living arrangement most suitable for elderly persons who want to spend some time with other seniors but for the most part, want to live alone.

This living arrangement also suits seniors who don’t need help performing routine daily activities.

Seniors at these facilities have access to perks and amenities they couldn’t access while living in their homes, such as the following: 

  • Social dining room 
  • Groundskeeping and housekeeping 
  • Recreational events and excursions

Skilled Nursing And Short-Term Rehabilitation 

This living arrangement is meant for seniors who need nursing care 24-7.

In most cases, they have a complex medical condition or are recovering from an injury, surgery, or infection.

It’s a short-term living arrangement for seniors to help them get back on their feet. 

Memory Care 

Elderly persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia are taken to memory care communities.

Here, they receive comprehensive care from skilled nurses, caregivers, and other employees trained in the best practices for dementia patients. 

Memory care living arrangement aims to give seniors an almost similar experience to being in their homes.

They can go outdoors and form social relations with other seniors and staff members.

All of these activities are aimed at providing comfort and peace.


Knowing your aging parents are in the most suitable living arrangement gives you peace of mind. You are sure their needs are well taken care of, saving you from constant stress about their overall well-being. 

This article has detailed the aspects you must consider when choosing the most suitable arrangement.

With these insights, you’ll be sure your elderly parents get the needed care and improve their quality of life.

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