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Restylane is an injection that acts to “fill in” wrinkles. Restylane contains Hyaluronic Acid, a compound naturally found in connective tissues, around joints, and cartilage.1 Injection of Hyaluronic Acid promotes the formation of collagen – a connective tissue – on the skin, which bridges the gaps between skin to fill in wrinkles. Juvéderm and Perlane are also Hyaluronic Acid-based wrinkle-fillers.1

Restylane is injected by a plastic surgeon or other accredited medical professionals to achieve a younger, fuller look. Individuals commonly choose to have Restylane injected into the face and lips. Restylane may also be used for acne scars and damage caused by burns.1

How long does Restylane last?

According to some plastic surgeons, Restylane lasts approximately six months.1 The Restylane website describes its treatments lasting up to 18 months for nasolabial folds – wrinkles from corners of mouth to nose.2

One study reviewed wrinkle severity and lip plumpness over 48 weeks in people treated with Restylane or a control.3 Restylane was injected into the lips, upper perioral wrinkles – lip lines between the nose and lips, and right and left lip lines. The response rate for lip fullness – or improvement from the baseline – was 88% at week 8 and 60% and week 48. Wrinkle response in the upper perioral wrinkles was 94% at eight weeks and 83% at 48 weeks. The response rate for side lip lines was 74% at week eight and 58% at week 48. 

The study concluded that at week 48, there was lip fullness and improvement in upper lip wrinkles in more than 60% of study participants. 

The take-away

How long Restylane lasts depends on the site of injection. From the study reviewed, it is suggested that Restylane exhibits the most prominent and long-lasting results when injected into the upper perioral wrinkles. However, the response was less promising for side lip line injections and was only at 58% improvement after one year.

There is no single answer to the question: how long does Restylane last? It is best to consult a plastic surgeon to understand how long the results will last for your specific treatment with Restylane and whether it is the right choice for you.


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