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The full lips of many celebrities, such as Priyanka Chopra and Angelina Jolie, have created a common sense that the fuller lips are more preferable. However, a recent study found that fashion models may have a different opinion.


Lip aesthetics has gained importance with time, representing one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body, and playing a critical role in human sexual attraction.

In the past, the parameters that define the ideal shape of the lip differed among cultures. Nowadays, social media has driven an increasing desire among people to achieve greater levels of attraction by mimicking celebrities. This desire created the common criteria that determined so-called “attractiveness”. Pouty or overfilled lips have been a necessity for a perfect selfie, and dermal fillers have always been the fastest solution for lips which do not match the new criteria. The relatively low cost and safe use of injectable dermal filler have also contributed to this phenomenon.

When it comes to fashion models, is there a growing trend towards fuller lips? To answer this question, a novel study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Plastic Surgery, analyzed the photos of fashion models in Vogue magazine from 1960 to 2011. By reviewing Vogue archives, researchers selected 353 frontal facial images of female fashion models of any race with lips at rest, avoiding images with excessive makeup that may change lip boundaries, as well as images of pouty lips or other lip expressions.  After digital scanning of images, the surface area of each upper and lower lip was measured by ImageJ software (version1.34) which counted pixel number for each upper and lower lip separately. The differences in facial sizes were normalized by considering the distance between the pupils of the two eyes.

By analyzing data and comparing the upper lip to lower lip ratios over 50 years, there was no significant increase in lip sizes over time, which demonstrates that the fashion industry has no booming interest in overfilled lips. With the help of these findings, fashion models can say to their social media followers: you can be beautiful without pouty or overfilled lips.


Written By: Andreh Kaba, M.D.

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