ellipsys vascular access system

New Ellipsys vascular access system improves patient quality of life, research shows.

Kidney diseases often affect the patient’s quality of life. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 5-10 million people die annually due to kidney diseases. These patients undergo dialysis several times a week, thereby experiencing severe pain, trauma, and scars due to multiple incisions. Therefore, introducing a new minimally invasive procedure that allows easier access to the bloodstream would improve the patient’s quality of life.

In a recent study, published in The Journal of Vascular Access, researchers showed that a new innovative technology, Ellipsys vascular access system, is less invasive, patient-friendly and highly functional based on two-year cumulative patency. The researchers conducted an analysis using health records from 105  patients.

They found that the Ellipsys vascular access system is safe, functions better, and is linked with a higher level of patient satisfaction. Furthermore, Ellipsys system uses a single needle-stick that is much simpler and reduces the patient recovery time as compared to the traditional surgical method that is more complex, painful and requires more recovery time.

The innovative procedure is a new advancement and reduces the hurdles faced by patients. It also significantly impacts the quality of life and is associated with patient satisfaction.

Written by Sakina Bano Mendha


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