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Can Writing Help with Mental Health Improvement?

Writing has a healing effect on our mental health. It is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to learn more about yourself, deal with past traumas, and gain valuable insights into your life without even turning to professional help.

Writing is a useful skill to have, regardless of whether you want to be a writer or not. Such a skill helps us communicate our feelings, needs, and intentions better.

So, why shouldn’t we all try to write more and invest in such an easy yet effective mental health treatment? Let’s see the three main ways in which writing can help us with mental health improvement.


Self-awareness is a powerful tool. It helps us know ourselves better, feel more confident, and be ready for various life situations. However, building self-awareness can be challenging, especially if you lack the skills of it.

Fortunately, writing can be the perfect bridge to your subconsciousness.

People tend to open up during the writing. You start sharing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings on paper. You don’t have to show these notes to anyone, so there is no need to filter or mask your true self.

Even though sometimes it is hard to be honest with yourself even when no one is watching. Regardless of how hard it can get, you will eventually dig deep enough to see the sides of yourself or the truth about yourself that you were looking for.

Such exercises are great for mastering the first steps of self-awareness. Thus, you learn more about your personal traits, qualities, weaknesses, and strengths.

Later, you can apply those lessons to improve your decision-making skills, relationships, goals, and quality of life.

Emotional release

People tend to bottle up a lot of unprocessed emotions. These are often negative emotions that we were not ready or willing to live with at the time.

So, anytime we are hurt, sad, disappointed, or anything else, we collect those feelings as unwrapped presents and store them somewhere no one can find them.

Yet, these feelings matter. Plus, they don’t go anywhere. So what should you do about them?

Well, left untouched for a long time, these ‘presents’ start to remind us about themselves. We push them back and they return at the most inappropriate moments.

Such confrontations happen from time to time again till you are ready to process the unlived emotions. That’s where writing comes in handy.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to go to therapy, thinking about painful or unpleasant emotions by yourself can be odd and unproductive. However, putting them on paper can greatly improve the situation while enhancing the intention behind it.

Hence, you get to process the bottled-up feeling by writing about the situation that caused them. It may be difficult to write. In the best-case scenario, it will take about five or more days.

Yet, once you are done, these memories will fade and finally leave you. The paper will take them all in.

High-quality alone time

These days, we don’t get much time to be alone with our thoughts. Life is moving too fast, and being busy is a sign of success for many. However, our mental health doesn’t appreciate the lack of care and attention.

Being forced into a corner, mental health reminds itself of anxiety, stress, insomnia, and more. So, it’s always best to prevent such negative consequences by finding time to listen.

We have to listen to our minds and emotions to acknowledge them and react accordingly.

Fortunately, writing can give us a perfect opportunity to spend some high-quality time just by itself. It is the time to listen, think, reflect, and accept the thoughts you’ve been having or even pushing at the back of your mind.

Spend a long time one by one with the paper and you will surprise yourself with what you write.

In this scenario, writing gives you an excuse to block your notifications, shut the door to your room, and have a few minutes or hours to yourself. Just you and the paper.

It is your time to give yourself and your mind the attention it deserves. Make it a daily habit, and breaking your connection to yourself will be close to impossible.

Final thoughts 

Learning how to write, making time for it, and turning it into a hobby can be extremely beneficial for you. For one, you get to spend quality time with yourself, busy with self-reflection and creative work.

Secondly, learning how to write gives you leverage in life, beyond just mental health care.

For example, you may read some of the academic writing services reviews by Will Martins to see how hard finding a good writer can be. Indeed, even professional writing services struggle to keep up with the writing demand and requirements.

So, knowing how to write and feeling comfortable doing it can be your big advantage in school and life.

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