can tea increase brain efficiency

A recent study has been carried out investigating the effects of habitual tea drinking on the brain.

The popularity of tea can be traced back as far as the dynasty of Shen Nong in China, which is estimated to be 2700 BC. Tea is a beverage that can be ingested in various ways and has become popular worldwide.

The health benefits of tea have been investigated and documented over time including use for anti-stress, decreasing cognitive decline, and preventing cardiovascular disease.

A recent study, using multi-modal imaging data, has examined the effects of tea drinking on both the functional and structural networks of the brain. During this study, researchers recruited healthy older participants into two different groups, depending on their history of tea drinking; tea-drinking group and non-tea drinking group.

The observational results of this study do somewhat support the theory that drinking tea has a positive effect on brain organization and leads to better efficiency within the functional and structural connectivity of the brain. However, there are limitations to this study that must be kept in mind when looking at these results. Due to the strict criteria to be within the study, the number of people included was small, a total of 36 participants, which decreases the reliability of the study findings. In addition to this, other substances could alter the outcome of the effect of tea on brain connectivity, for example, coffee.

Before this study was conducted, only two other studies had reported on the relationship between tea drinking and brain functional activity.

Despite the limited number of participants within this recent study, the results from these multi-modal imaging data show the potential positive effect of tea drinking on brain connectivity on a global and regional scale.

Further research is needed in the future to gain more information and evidence regarding the positive effects of tea drinking on the brain.


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Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

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