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What is the best DNA test for health and fitness?

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There are a variety of DNA tests for health and fitness available, and each of these tests can provide valuable information.

Depending on your concerns, you may be able to determine with is the best health DNA test for your particular needs. 

  • dietPower
  • fitPower
  • healthPower
  • brainpower
  • immunePower
  • SkinDNA
  • VitaminLab

Deciding which is the best DNA test kit for health and fitness may depend on your specific health concerns, or you could opt for the ‘totalPower’ test – which provides dietPower, fitPower, healthPower, and brainPower all in one easy test.

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1. dietPower

dietPower is dnaPower’s DNA testing for diet and nutrition that tests for more than 100 genetic variations. This test can help you to learn more about how your genetic makeup can affect how your body processes the types of food that you eat.

The test will provide you with specific information about what foods you should and should not eat according to your personal genetic makeup.

This personalized information will help you learn more about food intolerances or sensitivities, which will allow you to make the best food choices for you.

This diet DNA test provides you with information not only about food tolerances and sensitivity, but also about how your body responds to and processes macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, protein), which vitamins and supplements might be right for you, and more. 

Using tailored information that is based on your own genes may help you to narrow in on specific strategies that could help you to improve your health and wellness by eating right for your DNA.

If you are looking for a test that will help you to maintain your best health through personalized nutrition, this might be the right one for you.

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2. fitPower

If you are looking for the best DNA test for fitness, then fitPower might be right for you. fitPower. fitPower is dnaPower’s test for fitness and exercise, which test for more than 50 genetic variations. 

Ever wonder how well your body uses energy or breaks down nutrients while you exercise? If so, then this might be the best DNA health test for you.

This test provides you with information about which exercise could be best for you according to your DNA. Information about aerobic and endurance activities, injury and recovery, and how well your body can perform during exercise are just some of the information that this test is able to provide.

The personalized report from this test will tell you which types of exercise might be better for you and may help you reach your weight loss goals.

Tailoring your exercise plan to your specific genetic make-up can help you to reach your goals and may help you further improve your overall health and fitness. 

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3. healthPower

healthPower is a test for specific health risks, this test assesses more than 35 genetic variations. The four focus areas that this DNA test kit looks at are detoxification, hormones, inflammation, and methylation. 

The results from this test will provide you with information about whether your body may have difficulty removing toxins, producing or processing hormones, fighting inflammation, and more. 

Your personalized report will include tips that you can put into practice, such as which supplements might be helpful, or what types of products to avoid. 

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4. brainPower

The brainPower DNA test is designed to look for risk factors for mental wellness and brain health. If you are interested in finding out about your genetic risk for health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, then this might be the best DNA test for your health goals. 

Finding out more about your genetic predispositions to these conditions and more could help you to be proactive in your efforts to minimize your risks.

These can include dietary and lifestyle changes that can help you to be at your best. 

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5. immunePower

Are you interested in finding out more about your personal susceptibility to infection? The immunePower DNA test might be best for you.

This test can provide information on how your genetic makeup impacts your body’s response to infection.

It can also provide information on your body’s ability to process vitamins and minerals that are important for optimal immune function.   

Having this information may be helpful in terms of tailoring your diet or supplements to include vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the immune system. 

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6. SkinDNA

This DNA health test is best for you if you are looking for information to help you when choosing skincare ingredients, supplements, or personalized ways to help with aging skin. 

SkinDNA looks at more than 16 genetic markers that can help you create a personalized skincare plan. 

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How does it work?

These days, having a DNA test done can be simple and completed from the comfort of your own home. Testing kits can be ordered directly from company websites – such as dnaPower.

Your kit of choice will be sent to you in the mail. Once you receive your kit, you simply follow the instructions, take a mouth swab and mail the swab in where it will undergo DNA analysis.

Once the testing has been completed, your results are available for you to view online. 

Your online report will provide you with valuable information and helpful tips to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

At-home DNA tests can help you learn more about how your body may best function, but they are not a substitute for medical care – for specific health and medical concerns and advice about taking supplements or medications, or before making lifestyle changes, always speak with your doctor. 

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