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Benefits of Collagen Hydrolysate Backed by Science


Our bodies contain a lot of collagen, a protein essential for our connective tissues (think cartilage, ligaments, and skin). 

The most vital components of your body, such as your skin and bones, are given structure by a collagen protein. 

Collagen is hydrolyzed to produce more manageable, smaller particles. These particles are used in products that treat internal joint pain, inflammation, and external skin conditions.

How Does Collagen Hydrolysate Benefit The Body?

The benefits of collagen hydrolysate are listed below:

1. Restores Skin Glow

The breakdown of collagen causes the drooping and wrinkles characteristic of aging.

Supplements containing collagen or collagen peptides may help reduce wrinkles and dryness. These supplements work by assisting your body’s natural collagen production. 

You’ll also notice drier skin, which isn’t a very effective barrier between your delicate flesh and the outside world due to lower quantities of hyaluronic acid. 

2015 research about collagen peptide supplements

According to 2015 research, collagen peptide supplements may reduce wrinkles and improve skin moisture. 

The skin had more collagen and reduced network breakdown after just 4 weeks.

They could also encourage the production of the skin-structuring proteins elastin and fibrillin. However, scientific research does not support the claims that collagen supplements prevent acne and other skin conditions.

2. Healthy Muscle Gain

The amino acids that make up all proteins are broken down into individual peptides, or minute pieces, during the hydrolysis process of collagen supplements. 

According to several experts, the majority of muscle development and repair takes place within a short period after exercise, and collagen supplements’ superior digestibility aids in delivering amino acids to muscles swiftly. 

If you have any further concerns about whether a collagen supplement is appropriate, speak with your healthcare professional.

Collagen, the most common protein in the body, is an essential component of skeletal muscle. 

More collagen protein may help with both the generation of muscle-building proteins like creatine and the promotion of muscle growth after exercise. 

A study on collagen intake during exercise

In a 12-week study, 27 older men with this issue took 15 grams of collagen while working out. 

However, men who did not take collagen supplements significantly increased their strength and muscular mass.

3. Strengthens Bone

Bones’ fundamental structural component, collagen, gives them their skeletal durability. In addition, as we age, collagen can slow the pace of bone loss, which is essential. 

  • Collagen supplements can encourage bone turnover and favor the growth of new bone. In addition, collagen supplements have proved effective in relieving osteoarthritis patients’ pain.
  • Collagen helps improve joint discomfort, promote joint health, and reduce the likelihood of joints degenerating. 
  • Collagen supplements include specialized amino acids for joint cartilage. 

This promotes the growth of cells that support the preservation of the form and functionality of our joints. 

4. Healthy Hair And Nails

Most subjects (80%) concurred that using BCP enhanced the look of their nails and were wholly delighted with how the therapy worked. 

With treatment, the nail growth rate increased by 12%, and the number of damaged nails dropped by 42%. 

The unique mix of necessary amino acids present in bioactive collagen peptides is responsible for the improvement in nail health.

Your scalp and hair follicles need collagen to be healthy and perform properly. Some people think collagen supplements will speed up graying, stop hair from falling out, and encourage growth.

The major benefit of collagen for hair is that it enhances your protein intake. In addition, supporting the hair’s structural integrity may also increase its resilience, shine, and strength.

Sources To Boost Your Collagen 

Given below are some of the best food sources of collagen that can bring positive changes to your body:

Aloe Vera

The plant’s ability to stimulate cell development can help your skin produce more collagen.

Aloe can be administered to the skin directly in its purest form or through a product that contains it. 

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Experts have seen that Hyaluronic acid has a healing effect on joints and eases people from aching pain. In addition, consuming meals high in vitamin C and amino acids can raise your body’s hyaluronic acid and collagen levels, both of which are crucial for healthy skin.

According to one study, consuming a diet rich in vitamin C may increase the body’s collagen production. 

  • Oranges.
  • Red peppers.
  • Kale.
  • Broccoli.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Strawberries.


Ginseng helps maintain skin structure by absorbing it without causing any side effects like those associated with most chemical medications. In addition, it has been discovered to support collagen formation and protect skin from UVB light damage from the sun. 

When you consume tea or ginseng supplements, antioxidants are released into your bloodstream, protecting healthy cells and promoting bright skin.


The herb cilantro, usually coriander leaf, is frequently used in cuisines. In addition, linolenic acid, found in cilantro, has been proven to be a potent anti-aging component for the skin (Reliable Source). 

Antioxidants in linolenic acid combat the bloodstream free radicals that damage healthy skin cells.


Most skin damage is brought on by “oxidation,” which is when your skin is exposed to factors like pollution, which can harm cell development.

Algae can stop oxidation from robbing your skin of its suppleness and collagen. 

Get A Suitable Supplement

The most common protein in the human body, collagen, may be found in the tendons, muscles, bones, and skin. 

The 19 amino acids that make up the molecular connections between the different collagen strands in hydrolyzed collagen have been broken down. This kind of collagen has about 85% circulation potential.

It is challenging to determine whether a supplement is safe because the FDA does not regulate supplements. 

According to research, taking collagen supplements for 13 weeks was linked to a reduction in osteoarthritis symptoms. But, like with any dietary supplement, it’s advisable to use caution.

Image by Hoang Vu Tuyen from Unsplash

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