device to measure pain

Development of a new device could revolutionize the world of pain management, allowing objective measurements of pain in patients.


The management of pain is a part of life for millions of patients worldwide. However, there are no devices currently available that objectively measure or monitor pain levels. Instead, physicians rely on either the patient’s own assessment of pain, or in some cases, when patients are unable to respond, such as during sedation, doctors are left with their own best estimates.

In an effort to revolutionize pain management, Medasense is developing a tool that will allow objective measurements and monitoring of patient pain levels. The patented, non-invasive technology developed by Medasense collects information via a finger-probe, similar to that of a heart-rate monitor. The probe monitors changes in parameters that are affected by pain. The physiological data is converted by specialised algorithms into a ‘Pain Index’ reading, in real-time. This information allows physicians to optimise pain management by adjusting medication specifically to the Pain Index of each individual patient, potentially providing improvements in pain management and reducing adverse events.

Validation studies of the Medasense pain assessment device, the PMD100TM, are underway across the United States, Europe, and Israel. The development of such a device could lead to pain assessment becoming a standard practice, such as the monitoring of other vital signs, at hospitals and medical clinics around the world.



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Written by Deborah Tallarigo, PhD

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