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Artificial Sweetener Consumption During Pregnancy May Increase the Risk for Childhood Obesity – June 1, 2016

Canadian researchers have found that daily maternal artificial sweetener consumption during pregnancy is associated with higher infant BMI and an increased risk of an...

Could artificial sweetener use during pregnancy cause obesity in children?

Researchers studied the use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and stevia during pregnancy. Obesity is a disease that has reached epidemic levels across the...

Should you consume caffeine while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, a health professional has likely advised you to limit your intake of caffeine while pregnant. This is because experts have...

Use of cannabis during pregnancy linked to increased risk of autism

In a recent Canadian study, researchers find a link between the use of cannabis during pregnancy and the risk of autism in children. As more...

Can identifying hyper-palatable foods help win the battle of the bulge?

New research attempts to develop a quantitative measure for hyper-palatable foods. Many modern humans eat for hedonic reasons, using food to stimulate reward pathways in...

How Do Fetal DHA Levels Impact Later Neurocognitive Development?

Adequate consumption of DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, is vitally important during pregnancy as it is a critical building block for the fetal brain...

Today In Medical History – September 16

September 16 (1) (1651) German naturalist, physician, and writer Engelbert Kaempfer was born. He was known for traveling to different countries to study plants and...

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