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Five At-Home Health Tests for Women

Minimally invasive sampling and the accuracy of results enables various women’s home health tests to be accessible, convenient, and effective. At-home health tests for...

What are the effects of sexual harassment on women’s health?

A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine examined the effects of sexual harassment on women’s mental and physical health. Around 40-75% of women in the...

Antiretroviral drugs for HIV may increase risky sexual behaviour

A study looked at whether taking antiretroviral drugs for HIV as pre-exposure prophylaxis has resulted in increased risky sexual behavior. Pre-exposure prophylaxis is a highly...

Do feminine hygiene products have a negative impact on women’s health?

A study published recently in the journal BMC Women's Health investigated the impact of popular feminine hygiene products on women's health. Neglecting feminine hygiene can...

Social Policy Reform Urgently Needed to Improve Quality of Care for Racialised Kids

In part one of the series, researchers analyzed the findings of nearly 150 recent studies examining racial differences in the quality of health care...

What is Chronic Pain?

Has your doctor ever asked you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10? If so, then you can probably appreciate that...

Plant-based diet with soy reduces symptoms of menopause

Study reports a reduction in symptoms of menopause without the use of drugs through a plant-based diet and whole soybeans. In Western countries, up to...

How does an IUD work?

Birth control is crucial in preventing unintended pregnancies. While the term ‘birth control’ is often associated with oral birth control methods such as ‘The...

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