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Can family history explain the link between breast cancer and prostate cancer?

A new meta-analysis evaluated the link between breast cancer and prostate cancer risk to determine if breast cancer in first-degree relatives increased the risk...

Having a large family may reduce cancer risk

Cancer risk is impacted by the environment, including family environment. Research is now predicting that family size can reduce its risk.   For as long as humans...

Can the burden of cancer be attributed to diabetes and obesity?

A new study recently published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology has delineated new attributions between several cancers and diabetes and high BMI. Diabetes and...

How Does Weight Loss Affect Breast Cancer Recurrence?

Researchers in the US investigate how exercise and weight loss affect breast cancer recurrence in survivors. Over 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in...

Do Hormonal Contraceptives Increase Breast Cancer Risk?

Modern hormonal contraceptives are used frequently worldwide among women. A research group recently analyzed whether modern hormonal contraceptives affected breast cancer risk among pre-menopausal...

Does Breast Cancer Recurrence Remain After Endocrine Treatment?

A world-wide meta- analysis involving the results of 88 clinical trials determined breast cancer recurrence outcomes 5-20 years after endocrine therapy. Endocrine therapy has proven...

Can Google Search Volumes Predict Cancer Mortality Rates?

Population-disease metrics are crucial in guiding the distribution of resources to health interventions and in implementing public health initiatives but are not always available...

Diet-Related Metabolites Associated with Breast Cancer Risk Factors

 A recent study used nutritional metabolomics to identify diet-related metabolites as potential breast cancer risk factors. The findings show that prediagnostic serum concentrations of...

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