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7 Dangerous Facts You Should Know About Heroin Addiction


Whether it is called Horse, Brown, or the classic H, nothing will make Heroin acceptable.

These are some of the heroin’s party names that are becoming very mainstream due to pop culture today.

We cannot exactly blame the television for it because our education system doesn’t talk much about the dangers of these substances and how teens are getting more and more lured to this.

You need to understand what it looks like and how exactly it affects the human body and mind. This is to ensure your doubts if you are suspicious about someone being affected by heroin addiction.

If you already know someone suffering from this addiction, it is high time that you seek the correct help. Gallus Detox says that with the right medical detox and professional detoxification, even a severe patient can find the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are not alone, and success stories will give you and the patient the right motivation to carry on.

But, first;

Prevention is always better than cure!

Thus, if you are here to find yourself in a tough situation where you have to choose between the drug and your healthy life, you should definitely read the excerpt below.

This dilemma could be because of,

– Availability of the substance.

– Glamorizing the substance.

– Peer pressure.

– You are too stressed and having thoughts about addiction.

What Is Heroin?

The heroin in its raw form is a brownish powder that is extracted from the poppy seeds of the opium plant.

They are natural painkillers and, if taken in high quantities, can cause a feeling of euphoria in mind.

Heroin is either injected by melting or inhaled in powder form. The injected form is mostly synthetic heroin made with fentanyl; they come in a gooey form which is then melted.

Facts You Should Know About Heroin

These are some of the common effects of heroin addiction. However, just because they are ‘common’ doesn’t mean they are anything less than dangerous.

They can sometimes be life-threatening as well. For example, there have been more than 15,000 deaths in a year because of a Heroin overdose.

1. Genetics Can Be A Contributing Factors To Heroin Use

This is not known by many, but if someone in the family suffers from heroin addiction, or they once did, they can transfer them to their offspring.

No, they won’t psychologically force you to take this drug, but once you have done it once, the genes can definitely make you more addicted.

If the genes transfer from a first-degree relative, the cause can be more serious.

2. Untreated Mental Disabilities Or Problems Can Cause Heroin Addiction As Well

Severe mental disabilities like Depression for a long time and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can cause someone to fall prey to heroin if the element is present and their euphoric effects are glamorized.

The correct treatment is required for mental health problems, or else the chances of such severe addiction increase.

3. Depression Cause Heroin Addiction – Causes Depression

Depression is one of the main contributing factors to heroin addiction. Former patients have called the ‘euphoria’ something which helps them forget all the mental pain. However, this effect is not long-lasting.

When the patient comes down from the high, their depression intensifies, causing them to do more drugs. People suffering from these mental conditions should stay away from such severe conditions at any cost.

4. Extreme Hostility Is A Major Side Effect

When we think about the major side effect that heroin addiction can cause to someone’s mental processing, the increase in hostility comes to our mind first. 

Patients suffering from heroin addiction tend to get even more physically violent to people who try to stop them in their tracks of more consumption.

They are also aggressive towards anyone trying to explain why it is bad. These symptoms can be combated through regular Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which is offered in private rehabilitation and detox centers.

5. Hallucinations Are More Common Than You Think

Very vivid hallucinations are more common than you would think in Heroin addiction. This usually happens after the euphoria, when the patient falls into a drowsy state and doesn’t know what to do.

They can get very severe for someone suffering from PTSD since previous anecdotes say that you literally relive those moments again and again.

6. Paranoia Can Cause Frequent Panic Attacks – Leading To Respiratory Issues

From these negative hallucinations comes paranoia. The beating in the chest increases because people are more likely to have panic attacks in such frequency, which causes a lot of pressure and exhaustion for your nerves.

It can cause things like respiratory issues from the constant difficulty in breathing in the long term. Some severe panic attacks have also been called seizures among people.

7. Heroin Can Cause Facial Deformities & Early Signs Of Aging

Facial deformities are very common among patients suffering from heroin addiction. First, their face will look extremely flushed, and then the body will start drying up heavily, making it look crusty.

Regular oral heroin addiction can cause the teeth to rot and, at the same time, thin the hair. In addition, heroin addiction patients will look way older than their own age once they start consuming the substance frequently.

These are symptoms. You should also keep checking on someone if you suspect them of having this addiction.

Say No To Drugs!

Reading all the dangerous pointers might seem like the end of the world. But, it doesn’t have to be with the right treatment and procedure which can help someone recover from this painful addiction.

Plus, this article should serve as a cautionary tale for someone planning to get into heroin addiction. Preventing this is the best thing you can do because the withdrawal pain, although recoverable, can cause tremendous pain.

If you are being forced by someone or a group of peers to try heroin, it is high time you remove yourself from that company.

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