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6 Ways to Treat Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery

Back pain is considered chronic if you’ve been dealing with it for several months or longer. It may come and go, bringing you momentary comfort followed by frustration. 

Long-term back pain is extremely exasperating and unbearable for many people. Even though it’s common among youth, middle-aged, and senior citizens, it’s a condition that must never be ignored because it can affect your overall health and your daily lifestyle. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about non-surgical treatments for chronic back pain.

1. Chiropractic Treatment

One good option for people who are seeking relief from back pain is to acquire the services of a chiropractor. Chiropractors are specially trained health professionals dedicated to non-surgical treatments of nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system disorders. 

They do this primarily by focusing on spinal manipulation and alignment to relieve pain and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. By putting more emphasis on the spine, chiropractic care can provide relief for back pain.

2. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a type of rehabilitative medication that utilizes specific methods of physical exercise and equipment to treat physical disorders while providing pain relief and enhancing physical function at the same time. 

Using physical therapy can be very effective in treating lower back pain. By finding and eliminating the source of the pain, it can provide you with total relief from back pain. 

First, physiotherapists will identify the areas of stiffness in the body that adversely affect its biomechanical balance. After that, the health professional will then suggest specific exercises that target those weak areas to strengthen your body’s muscle groups and relieve the pain.  

3. Embrace An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

It’s highly possible that your current diet may be the underlying cause of your chronic back pain. Eating too many processed foods that are rich in sugar and fat may satisfy your cravings, but the truth is that they’re unhealthy and can only increase the risk of inflammation in your body. High levels of inflammation can cause some types of chronic back pain. 

You should try embracing an anti-inflammatory diet that includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, whole grains, dairy products, etc. to reduce the risk of chronic pain. Your spine also needs strength, so it’s essential that you get enough calcium from your diet as well. 

It’s also recommended that you check your optimal weight management to reduce the pressure on your musculoskeletal system and lessen back pain. Meals that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties are as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin when it comes to relieving back pain. 

4. Medications

Medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics can also be used to soothe back pain. They can provide temporary relief, which is already a big help for people who are dealing with this condition. 

However, some of them may cause unwanted side effects, and they’re also not intended for long-term use. Consult your doctor first to see what medications you should be taking for your back pain. 

5. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy aims to increase blood circulation and improve the motion of the back muscles, which helps to decrease the risk of chronic back pain. Before the treatment starts, the therapist will ask you a couple of questions about your back pain and its location so they can figure out the right therapy for you. 

Massage therapy aims to manipulate the tissues near the skin surface to stimulate blood circulation in the affected muscles. As a result, the inflammation will ease up and the damaged tissues will be healed. 

6. Regular Exercise & Reduce Stress

It may seem unreasonable, but regular exercise can do a lot to treat and prevent back pain. With the right kind of movements, you can eliminate discomfort. As always, you should talk to your physician first to determine which exercises are ideal for your situation.

Stress is also another common cause of back pain. Aim to reduce stress by making some subtle changes to your lifestyle. Eat healthier foods and give yourself some time to relax. Spend some quality time with yourself or loved ones so your spirit remains uplifted even when dealing with challenging problems in life. Less stress leads to a healthier back.

Key Takeaway

Contrary to what most people think, surgery isn’t the only option when it comes to treating chronic back pain. Consider the above solutions to help relieve the discomfort you’re feeling right now. Finding long-term relief from chronic back pain requires a combination of choosing the right methods and making lifestyle adjustments.

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